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Twin Power
Twin Power 114. Multi-turn 20-350 Nm.

Twin power 114 is a pneumatic actuator with one motor for quarter-turn and multi-turn applications up to 350 Nm. For quarter-turn valves an intermediate gearbox is required.

The motor is of a piston or diaphragm type with a simple and very safe construction, ensuring that the actuator operation is reliable regardless of high or low speeds, and at different air or gas pressure (0,4-0,8 MPa). All components of the four motor sizes, with the exception of diaphragm, diaphragm washer and housing, are identical and interchangeable. This means simple service and a minimum of spare parts. One valve mechanism is common to alla motors. A motor change takes less than one minute.

Twin power 214. Multi-turn 40-800 Nm.

Twin power 214 is similar to the model 114, but has two motors and is intended for larger torque requirements.

For installations where there is a demand for short operating times, it can be justified to choose Twin power 214 even in cases where the torque of type 114 would be sufficient.

When the torque demands exceed 800 Nm, a gearbox can be fitted between actuator and valve.

Twin power 214 just as easy to service as type 114. Most parts are also interchangeable.

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