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RC - Remote Control Actuators Accessories


RC200 is the name of our extensive and successful series of pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn rotary actuators. The entire RC200 series is equipped with drive shafts that company with both DIN and ISO standards, thereby simplifying mounting and installation.

The RC200 series is based on our proven Scotch Yoke-function which provides increased torque at the beginning and end of each operation. This enhances safety, especially in applications where the valve remains stationary for long periods. This increased torque puts the RC200 series well ahead of competing rack and pinion actuators having the same stroke volume.


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RCEL is a series of CE-approved electric actuators. As standard, the RCEL series covers a torque range of 34-2450 Nm.

RCEL features rugged design and construction intended for all types of environments. Casings and covers, for example, are made of centrifugally cast, anodized aluminium with an epoxy finish so that will withstand corrosive attack and other external hazards.

An extensive line of standard equipment and numerous accessories put RCEL in a class of its own. The permanently lubricated worm gear, for example, guarantees a long, maintenance-free service life - and self-locking eliminates the need for a mechanical brake.

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Twin Power

Twin Power ia a series of tough, pneumatic actuators intended for multi-turn applications on gate and globe valves for example.

These sturdy actuators feature simple design and construction, and operate for long periods with minimal maintenance, even in severe environments. When equipped with pneumatical control valves, these actuators can be installed in hazardous areas.

Twin power actuators are also easy to mount on manual valves currently in service.

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